60CM Picking Up Sewer Hair Dredging Tool

60CM Picking Up Sewer Hair Dredging Tool

60CM Picking Up Sewer Hair Dredging Tool

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The easiest and fastest way to unclog your kitchen drain without using chemicals!Anticipate quickly the clogging of the pipe that hampers your daily life! No need for a plumber or other methods, thanks to our spring pipe dredging tool. Remove hair and debris easily without chemicals!

This versatile tool is a multi-purpose drain cleaner. Use its retractable four-pronged handle to grab the little things.


EFFICIENT MANUAL EXFILTRATION: Simple, clean and efficient medium. This extension tool has a solid four-prong pressure pin. A powerful grip that lifts 3 kg of weight in one fell swoop!

EASY TO USE: Simple two-finger action - pull and release the handle to grab the desired object. Unblocks blockages and improves the flow of water in kitchen drains.

LONG AND FLEXIBLE: Long enough to sink into the pipes. It extends deep into the smallest and narrowest spaces. It extends deep and follows the shapes of the pipes.

MULTI-TASK CLAW PIN: Suitable for kitchen sinks, toilets, sinks, tubs, floor drains/pipes. Removes hair, food, waste and other obstructions obstructing the passage.

SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT: Hygienic and non-toxic methods. Polished handles that never damage the pipes. Stainless steel and PP plastics are safe and durable. 


Thanks to this gadget, it is easy to remove blocked objects and unclog the pipes!