Automatic Fishing Rod Holder

Automatic Fishing Rod Holder

Automatic Fishing Rod Holder

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"Loved it. We went to a pay lake and used them and we were catching fish left and right. Everyone there wanted to know what we were using. Never miss a fish when hooked. I’m sure many will be buying this after they saw it in use. Awesome product!!!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Alex Brad
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Fishing on multiple rods, as exciting as it is, can get very stressful when bites are missed. Losing many catches is never easy and going home with no fish can ruin everybody’s evening. Fishing can be such an uncertain environment sometimes and not catching a fish in a while can turn a peaceful exciting hobby into a source of stress

The ProFisher™ is an automatic rod holder that immediately springs up whenever a fish is detected on the line. The undeniable strength of the spring assists the fish hook in catching the fish's mouth deeper, which makes ProFisher™ the most reliable fish catcher when having more hooks in the water. Experience the satisfying feeling of enjoying fishing and never miss another bite again.


✅ BECOME A FISHING MASTER: Get ready to be surprised with ProFisher, its beauty stays in the spring's force to catch the fish's mouth deeper. No need to master the rod to empty the lake, come back home full of game, even as a beginner!

✅ TRUSTWORTHY TRIGGER: Lose no fish with the ProFisher and let the automatic rod holder take over. Enhance any fishing trip by easily fishing on multiple rods, while ProFisher automatically catches any lost fish.

✅ FILL THE FRIDGE: With an innovative hands-free design, the ProFisher easily ensures more catching in less time. Don’t let any more catches slip away, ProFisher™ knows exactly when to pull to guarantee a certain catch!  

✅ BUILT TO LAST FOR GENERATIONS: Made of stainless steel, ProFisher is a reliable and powerful rod holder that no fish or wind can take away. Enjoy the confidence of a durable fishing rod that will last for years and years.


  1.  Unfold the rack.

  2.  Push down the screw.

  3.  Insert in the ground, put in the rod on the rack (already thrown), and pull down the handle till locked.

  4.  Tighten the fishing line on the trigger, sensitivity according to the position you hanging.

  5.  Wait for your next big catch.


Material: Stainless Steel
Weight: 368g
Storage length: 32cm
Expand length: 56cm
Ground insertion length: 27.5cm
Width: 2.5cm


1 x  ProFisher™ Automatic Fishing Rod Holder