Easy Cat Scoop

Easy Cat Scoop

Easy Cat Scoop

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Say goodbye to unhygienic, untidy litter cleanup!

Are you looking for a way to clean your cat litter box that is quick, easy, and sanitary? Do you want something durable so no matter how messy it gets it can withstand the punishment?





Easy to Use -  Cleaning your litter box quickly and easily with just one hand is made possible by EZ Cat Scoop! When completed, just remove the scoop from the garbage can, secure the biodegradable waste bag, and throw it away.


Eco-Friendly - Our waste bags are 100% biodegradable! To scoop away and save, we advise stocking up on lots of our compatible eco-friendly bags.


Sanitation - The mess is contained by the integrated system. No more spilling litter! The bags are right there to scoop waste into and then turn upside down, the waste does not fall out.


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Package includes:

1 Easy Cat Scoop