Starry Space™ Galaxy Projector

Starry Space™ Galaxy Projector

Starry Space™ Galaxy Projector

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"This is by far the best purchase I’ve made in a while. Hooks right up with a square charger or you could hook it up to a computer. You aim it up at your ceiling. The instructions are so clear on how you can adjust it. I just leave it as is. The stars are green. I put on some chill music and get to work or study and let that thing go and it is so relaxing. Some people use it for sleep if that’s your thing too but I use it while awake. I use it while watching tv too. It’s just a nice, cool thing to have in my living room. And I named him Astro. He’s my buddy and I love it."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Nicole Wilson

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It is common for kids to have trouble falling asleep, especially if they are afraid of the dark. Putting children to sleep is frequently a laborious and time-consuming process. Parents are concerned that their children's lack of sleep will affect their concentration and learning process. 


The Starry Space™ Galaxy Projector features starry night skies and nebula that turn any space into a galaxy room. The 8  effects of the galaxy create a serene atmosphere for relaxation while the 360º rotatable wide-angled fills any interior space with the galaxy's beauty. Fall asleep soundly under a blanket of stars with Starry Space™

Galaxy Projector



The Starry Space™ 8 unique and vibrant galaxy effects are projected onto the ceiling or wall. It gives the room a complete makeover, transforming it into a magical space.


The swirling galaxies and stars of Starry Space™ give out a peaceful vibe. It calms the mind and soul for a restful and better sleep.

Starry Space

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The Starry Space™ 360º rotatable head is magnetically connected to the body, providing a comprehensive nebula projection area coverage. It is not merely a projector but also a fun toy to play with. 

MODE ADJUSTABILITY: Manually adjust the preferred brightness, speed and mode using the Starry Space™ remote control. It is easy for kids to change the settings and keep them during bedtime.

CUSTOMIZED IMMERSIVE SPACE: The galaxy projector creates a vivid room-filling galaxy with a vibrant nebula glow. The Starry Space™ is suitable to be used on any occasion, creating the perfect ambiance!

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Size: 12cm X 22.5cm 

Weight: 1.6 kg

Power Supply: 100-240 V



(1) x Starry Space™ Galaxy Projector

(1) x Remote Control (Batteries not included)

(1) x English User Manual