MagicRack - Rolling Kitchen Rack

MagicRack - Rolling Kitchen Rack

MagicRack - Rolling Kitchen Rack

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Tired Of Getting Your Countertops Wet From Drying Dishes
No Room For A Standard Dish Rack?

The MagicRack is a space-saving kitchen must-have!

Just roll out over any standard kitchen sink and when you’re done with it, you can simply roll it back up and store it away in the cupboard or drawer, saving you valuable counter space.

It's made from silicone-coated steel which also doubles as a washing and defrosting station for ingredients.


✅ The MagicRack is an innovative space-saving solution for fast drying cookware or stemware.

✅ Water drips off right into the sink, preventing water buildup on the countertop.

✅ Great for washing fruits and vegetables or defrosting meat.

✅ This durable dish rack is heat-resistant to 400 F to serve as an oversized trivet.


Size: approx: 18.5 inches x 10 inches (actual size may differ from photos)

Material: Stainless Steel and PP

Package Includes: 


  • 1 x MagicRack - Rolling Kitchen Rack