Magnetic Levitation LED 3d Lamp

Magnetic Levitation LED 3d Lamp

Magnetic Levitation LED 3d Lamp

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Theworld's first levitating moonlight

Instantly add a little bit of magic to any room with this incredibly realistic moon lamp that levitates in the air! Amaze your family and friends with a unique gift that's truly out of this world.

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Creatively using the power of magnets, the invisible forces propel the Moon Lamp upwards and hold it several centimeters above its base giving the already unique product an even more magical quality. Just as we look to the sky and marvel at the Moon as it is calmly hanging from nothing but space you will look to your Floating Moon Lamp in awe as if it was held by an equally mystical force

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The light can be changed from cold white up to warm yellow. The adjustment of brightness achieved by touching the touchable button on the moon. 

Levitating Moon Lamp® – Original Galaxy Projector®

Unique Benefits:

✔ Magnetic levitation - Thanks to the latest in levitation technology, the moon levitates in the air at all times and can constantly rotate or stay in one position - it's up to you.

The Levitating Moon Lamp That Rotates | Perfect Night Light by Vgazer

✔ 26+ hours to perfection - Each Moon Lamp takes 26+ hours to make using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology. Our patented design is made according to NASA satellite images to accurately reproduce the moon's actual surface and craters.

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✔ Wireless - The Levitating Moon Lamp uses wireless electricity technology so it can be lit even while levitating! The touch control base below allows you to turn ON/OFF the LED inside the Moon Lamp.

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