Reuseable And Washable Sticky Lint Roller

Reuseable And Washable Sticky Lint Roller

Reuseable And Washable Sticky Lint Roller

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Tired of the lint rollers that just aren't sticky enough?Tired of fluff rollers that run out too quickly?

Now we have introduced a new removable and washable hair removal roller that lasts much longer.


    • PET HAIR REMOVER, CLOTHING CLEANER: No refills required, environmentally friendly and reusable. Made from environmentally friendly materials, 100% reusable to save you money. The reusable glue picker can clean your clothes without refilling. Simply freshen it up with light soap and water. Reusable roller for less environmental waste.
    • MULTI-PURPOSE: The lint remover for combating lint, fluff, dust, crumbs and other dirt on virtually all clothing, furniture, furnishings and all household, car or office surfaces. More convenient than a vacuum cleaner and cheaper than dry cleaning!
    • REUSABLE & WASHABLE : Last long time,  Easy to wash, just rinse off warm or cold water with soap or detergent, then let the lint roller dry completely before using it again, or just dry it with a tissue.


      Just warm water rinse. No need to wait it completely dry before using it again, just shaking it to get rid of the most water or just dry it by tissue. 


        Re-usable, Washable Lint Roller

        Made of high-quality TPR material

        Effective on clothes, carpets, furniture, car seats, pet areas, etc

        Quickly & easily removes fluff, lint, hair, and dust. Super sticky!

        Washable with an easy-grip handle

        Great for removing pet hair. Can be used on most surfaces