ShotBuddy 6 Shot Dispener 50% OFF Special Deal

ShotBuddy 6 Shot Dispener 50% OFF Special Deal

ShotBuddy 6 Shot Dispener 50% OFF Special Deal

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SAVE LOTS OF TIME And Enjoy Your Unique Drinking Fun

The Premium 6 Shot Dispenser is a convenient and time-saving way to pour into glasses! The dispenser pours and evenly dispenses 6 glasses at once! Instead of pouring into 6 glasses one-by-one, you can pour into the dispenser to save lots of time and carry all the cups at once! Great for use at parties, holidays, get-togethers, dinners, picnics and more


The Premium 6 Shot Dispenser is an innovative way to serve multiple people at once. Your guests, friends, and family will all be impressed when they see your dispenser quickly filling and carrying 6 glasses at once!

"I had a large group of guests over. I own two of these dispensers so I was able to pour 12 cups quickly and serve them. My guests were shocked kept asking me where I got it from. Definitely recommend this to everyone!" -Shirley, CA


The Premium 6 Shot Dispenser saves so much time because it is so easy to use! Just place 6 glasses under the dispenser (we provide glasses in the package, you can also use your own) and pour any liquid on to the top of dispenser. Simply pickup the dispenser to carry all glasses at once, after all of the glasses fill evenly and quickly. That's it, it's that simple!


The Premium 6 Shot Dispenser is absolutely cleanNo spills, or messes will be caused, as the liquid will go straight from the deep top of the dispenserinto the glasses, evenly and quickly!

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Premium 6 Glass Dispenser
  • 6 Glasses