🎅 Early X-Mas Sale🎅 SippyPaw - Slow Feeder Water Bowl

🎅 Early X-Mas Sale🎅 SippyPaw - Slow Feeder Water Bowl

🎅 Early X-Mas Sale🎅 SippyPaw - Slow Feeder Water Bowl

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“My dog creates a waterpark in my kitchen daily, I noticed that he tends to drink very quickly causing him to splash all over the place and throw up shortly after. When I replaced my regular bowl with this one, my kitchen stayed clean and dry while making my dog's stomach much happier!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Sarah Williams
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Regular dog bowls often cause a mess within your house. Whether is splashing, drooling, or vomiting, constantly cleaning up or monitoring your pet's water intake can quickly become irritating and very time-consuming. 

The SippyPaw water bowl features a unique floating plate that allows the water to be exposed slowly. This bowl enables the peace of mind that your dog will consume water at a healthy speed to avoid vomiting, as well as making sure your dog is drinking clean water and helping towards a dry and tidy home! 


✅  SPILL-PROOF:  The non-slip bottom and floating plate dual design prevents water from overflowing as well as splashing so your floors remain looking spotless! 

✅  KEEPS WATER CLEAN:  Having the floating plate intact acts as a guard for loose dirt, dust and hair that regularly gets into your dog's drinking bowl. Your pet can now enjoy clean water throughout the entire day.

✅  SLOW WATER FEEDER:  One of the most common reasons why your dog is vomiting is because they drank too quickly. Our bowl releases water slowly to ensure a healthy drinking speed

✅  PREVENT WET MOUTH:  Every pet owner has had their dog drool all over the house after drinking. Our bowl will block your pet's entire mouth from entering the water for no drippage. 

✅  LARGE CAPACITY:  Holding 1.5L our bowl is large enough to last your dog the entire day and even more! 

How To Use:

  • Assemble all the pieces together
  • Fill up water through the center opening
  • Ready for your pet to enjoy!

  • We understand how tiring it can get to constantly be welcomed into your home with a mess, puddles of water and drool everywhere as well as your precious pets' vomit waiting to be cleaned up. On the health side, over 85% of dogs are consuming dirty water regularly from dust particles and hair from an exposed bowl to the open. 

    With our design, you can take a deep sigh of relief to no longer face the issues of wet floors, vomiting pets and dirty drinking water. The time spent cleaning up and changing the water frequently is over making your dog happier and healthier than ever!